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Scenting Retail Enhance The Shopping Experience

Ambient scenting creates a new way to improve
the ambience in shopping spaces. First impressions
leave the greatest impressions.


Walking into a retail store, your senses are stimulated in many ways. Ambient scenting draws on the strongest sense of your customers, instantly cueing memories and emotions, turning that moment into a true memorable experience.

Ambient scenting creates a new dimension to the in-store experience. It is an important tool to increase brand loyalty, awareness and customer engagement.

Create a unique environment to match your retail business.


Ambient scenting improves
the overall in-store experience


Ambient scenting increases
the dwell time in store


Ambient scenting increases
brand loyalty

Life is about moments: don’t wait for them, create them.

Improve the total brand experience
scenting Burberry flagship store london by zaluti Scenting Burberry Flagship Store London Burberry is using 2 signatures scents for
Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter

Improve the total
brand experience


Awaken your
senses with

Awaken your senses with scents
scenting Hunkemoller stores by zaluti Scenting Hunkemöller Stores in Europe A signature scent especially created by
Dutch top perfumer for Zaluti systems
Creating a memorable and engaging experience
scenting shopping mall villa arena amsterdam by zaluti Shopping Mall Villa Arena Amsterdam Villa Arena is using seasonal fragrances like
Crocus, Tuscan Fig, Autumn and Winter Ambiance

Creating a
and engaging


Our fragrances express the expertise and quality of perfumers who have created these exceptional scents, made with the finest materials in the tradition of the great perfumers.

We made a small selection from our favourite scents for ambient scenting in retail.

Signature Scents express the difference

Tell better stories around your products and services and create innovative brand experiences.

Our perfumers have created exceptional scents and they have over 30 years of experience to design the fragrances that match your business.


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