The Quality of Zaluti Ambiance Aromas

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The Experience and Quality of Perfumers 

Our fragrances allow you to experience the expertise and quality of the perfumers who have developed these exceptional aromas. Made from only the highest quality raw materials and traditionally composed as has been done for centuries in Grasse, France. All aromas comply with the most recent European IFRA, CLP, and REACH regulations. 

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Sustainable Aromas for 100 Days 

Zaluti aromas are complex fragrances made with only the best raw materials. Due to the highly concentrated fragrances and our advanced micro-diffusion technique, we have sustainable fragrances with very economical consumption. The average lifespan of a 200 ml bottle is 100 days. 


Zaluti’s perfumers carefully select the raw materials with which the aromas are composed. This process is subject to quality controls from selection to the moment the fragrance is bottled. 


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Grasse: The Cradle of Perfume

In the heart of Provence lies Grasse. Among the fields of roses, jasmine, and orange trees, perfume was born. The original perfume masters made Grasse the epicenter of fragrances. 

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Zaluti Ambiance Aroma’s

Zaluti understands that the quality of a product is determined not only by its content but also by its packaging. That’s why our aromas are delivered in a luxurious packaging that is not only attractive but also functional. The packaging is designed with special fall protection to prevent the fragrance bottle from breaking, ensuring the valuable contents remain safe, even if accidentally dropped. 


Moreover, the fragrance bottle is made of amber glass with UV protection. This special glass protects the fragrance from the harmful effects of UV light, preserving the quality and longevity of the aroma. The amber glass also contributes to the aesthetics of the product, giving it a luxurious look that matches the quality of Zaluti ambiance aromas. 

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International Fragrance Association

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is the global representative body of the perfume industry. IFRA’s goal is to represent the collective interests of the industry and promote the safe use of fragrances through regulation. IFRA establishes a list of usage standards for fragrance materials, restricting or banning the use of ingredients based on the findings of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials, which collects data on the safety of fragrance materials. 

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